Megan Grove Photography- Loveland Newborn Photo Studio Grand Opening

I am going to be celebrating the Grand Opening for my Loveland photo studio the whole month of April 2022.

I am so excited to announce that $50 from every session scheduled during April will go to one of 3 amazing local baby/family charities.

The sessions do not have to take place in April; however, the contract must be signed, and nonrefundable deposit paid before session can be put on the schedule. I know this sounds a little confusing so I’m going to put it another way. Even if your baby is due in July, if you schedule your session now (April 2022) $50 of your deposit will be donated to one of these charities. There were so many charities to choose from but ultimately Nestled in the NICU, Stork Support of Northern Colorado and 3 Hopeful Hearts are the 3 you will get to choose between.

Let me tell you more about each of these amazing groups.

Nestled in the NICU

Nestled in the NICU started out offering support and care packages but has grown into something much more than that. They provide a community for families experiencing a NICU stay and for years to follow. I know several of my families that I photograph, have personal relationships with this group and love what they offer families. If you would like more information about Nestled in the NICU or would like to donate directly, you can visit their website by clicking Nestled in the NICU

Stork Support of Northern Colorado

Stork Support of Northern Colorado is a nonprofit organization providing essential maternity, postpartum and baby needs to under-resourced families in Northern Colorado. The amazing people that run this organization gather and give out items to moms in need. To read more about what items they need for donations, ways to volunteer or to give to them directly, please check out their website Stork Support of Northern Colorado

3Hopeful Hearts

3Hopeful Hearts provides support to families who have experienced the tragic loss of a baby or child. They offer support groups for families grieving as well as events like Camp Braveheart and 3Hopeful Hears Walk to Remember. While looking through their website, I notice they even have a group for miscarriage and pregnancy after loss. I thought I would mention this here because so many of the families I photograph have experienced miscarriages, even mine. I would have found 3Hopeful Hearts helpful if I would have known about them a few years ago. If you would like to know more about their support groups and events or to donate to them directly, visit their website 3Hopeful Hearts

April is going to be amazing!

Which group are you going to give your $50 to?

To find out more information or to schedule your session please send a message to Megan by clicking HERE

Megan Grove

Hello! I am a newborn photographer living near Fort Collins, Colorado. When I am not photographing newborns, you can find me editing photos, listening to audio books and going on adventures with my 3 boys.

730 N Cleveland Ave Suite 3,
Loveland, CO 80537 USA


(970) 222-1719

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