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Local Newborn Photography | Cutest Little Keeper

Welcome to the newborn photo studio baby Judah!

Judah recently came into my Fort Collins photo studio for his newborn photos. His parents had so many great ideas for his photos. We of course had to do a Harry Potter set up for Judah. His parents are big fans. His nursery and baby book are both Harry Potter themed. Judah’s mom told me, she stood on the stack of Harry Potter books for a maternity photo! So much fun.

Newborns Change So Fast

If you are a parent, then you already know, babies change so much in so little time. It is simultaneously amazing and hard to watch. You really only get to have a newborn for about 2 months. Photographing babies during this time means so much to me. I want parents to be able to look at their baby’s photos and remember what it felt like to hold that sweet little baby.

Newborn Client Closet

At the beginning of every newborn session, I have the parents pick out an outfit, wraps and backgrounds that they want to use. Letting the parents pick what we use allows for endless possibilities and color combinations. If I was the one picking, everything would look the same every photo session. How boring would that be?

The Rainbow After The Storm

I’ve sat here for the last 30 minutes trying to figure out what to write here. Two of my boys are rainbow babies, so I know how heartbreaking the storm really is. The other side of that is, I know how incredibly special it is to finally hold your rainbow baby.

Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue,

Judy Garland – Wizard of oz

Thanks for coming into the newborn studio Judah. I truly enjoyed photographing you and all your amazing hair!

Megan Grove

Hello! I am a newborn photographer living near Fort Collins, Colorado. When I am not photographing newborns, you can find me editing photos, listening to audio books and going on adventures with my 3 boys.

Are you looking for Local Newborn Photography? My Loveland photo studio is centrally located, making it easy for all of Northern Colorado to get photos of their newborns done. Let’s plan your photo session!

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