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Newborn Photographer in Fort Collins | From Small Beginnings, Come Great Things

Welcome to the newborn photo studio baby Mason!

Fort Collins Newborn Photo Studio

Mason visited me at my Fort Collins newborn portrait studio last weekend. I was so excited to meet him. I have been photographing his older brother and sister for a couple years. I love seeing families I’ve grown to know, have new babies. The familiarity makes the photo session feel effortless and fun. It feels like catching up with old friends.

NICU Newborn Warrior’s First Photos

This little guy spent several days in the NICU before getting to meet his parents. From what I have read, NICU stays make minutes feel like hours and hours feel like days. As a mother, I can’t imagine how hard that must have been.

Time lost does not mean love lost! He so clearly loves his parents deeply. You are probably wonder how I know this. He would be completely asleep, then his mom or dad would say his name and he would smile. Not once or twice, over and over again!

Though I Be But Little, I Am Fierce

I have photographed many tiny babies, but baby Mason was definitely the smallest I’ve had in the studio. We were worried if my outfits would be small enough (he doesn’t fit well in preemie clothes yet). Luckily, we were able to tuck the little green outfit to fit better and he loved being wrapped.

Baby Mason is so incredibly sweet. I could have held him all day! I absolutely love photographing newborns. I love helping parents capture all the tiny details. The small things are hard to remember but a photograph can bring you right back to that moment in time.

Thanks for visiting the newborn studio, Mason!

Megan Grove

Hello! I am a newborn photographer living near Fort Collins, Colorado. When I am not photographing newborns, you can find me editing photos, listening to audio books and going on adventures with my 3 boys.

Are you looking for a Newborn Photographer in Fort Collins? My Loveland photo studio is centrally located, making it easy for all of Northern Colorado to get photos of their newborns done. Let’s plan your photo session!

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