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Fort Collins Baby Photography | Silent Nights? Holiday Edition

Welcome to the photo studio Dane!

Dane recently brightened up my day by visiting me at my Fort Collins photo studio. It was time for his 3-month photos. He is so adorably cute with his pink cheeks and cute Santa hat. Silent nights have been traded for this little cutie at his house. Well worth it, I’m sure!

3 Month Photos

3-month milestone photos are so sweet and unique. Every photo is different because their little personalities are really starting to shine through. Babies change so fast, it’s important to document all of the little changes. Photos help us remember the details.

Baby and Family Photos

I love getting to photograph baby’s and their parents. The smiles, the cuddles and all the adoration for this new person, is what makes capturing family portraits so incredible. Dane saved all of his smiles for his parents! It didn’t matter what I tried, he only wanted to smile for them. Luckily, his sweet parents new just what to do to make him smile.

It was so much fun to photograph Dane.

I hope you have a great 1st Christmas little one!

Megan Grove

Hello! I am a newborn photographer living near Fort Collins, Colorado. When I am not photographing newborns, you can find me editing photos, listening to audio books and going on adventures with my 3 boys.

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