Newborn Twin Photo Sessions

Newborn twins, just like other babies, only stay newborns for very little time. They go from sleeping all the time to being alert all the time within the first month. It is so important to photograph these incredible babies early on while they are still used to these adorable curled up positions. As a reminder, newborns sessions are typically done within the first 3 weeks (sometimes up to 6 weeks for twins if they spent time in the NICU). Please schedule your twin newborn session in your second trimester. While I try to accommodate last minute newborn sessions, sometimes it is not possible.

The bond twins share will continue to grow stronger over time, but nothing will compare to the time they spent growing as a pair and sharing such a small space. When I pose newborn twins together, they seem to remember being that close. They always look so comfortable when they are together, just the way they were meant to be.

Boy/Boy? Girl/Girl? Girl/Boy? My Windsor, CO newborn studio is full of wraps, headbands, hats, tiny outfits and cute props. There are several coordinating outfits and wrap combinations specifically designed for twins. I even have a little bunk bed just for twin newborns. You are going to have so much fun designing your photos.

What could be more special than your first family photos? Maybe nothing. Adding two newborns into your family, truly, nothing will ever be the same. What a momentous time in your lives. You will want to remember every little detail, and I am here to do that in a way you will be excited to show your friends and family. From albums to wall art, I offer an exceptional selection of premium heirloom pieces I know you will adore.

They are incredibly special as a pair, but they are also individuals with their own personalities. Twins deserve to be photographed together but also by themselves. You are going to want to remember what made each baby unique. Twin newborn sessions typically last about 2-3 hours just like every other newborn photo session. And just like every other session, I always allow for more time if we need it.

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