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Memorable Moments Storybook

– a little girl, her baby sister and one beautiful day at the newborn photo studio-

Are you a little worried how your toddler will do for your upcoming newborn photo session? Will they be scared? Will they behave? This storybook was made to help young children know what is coming and to ease any uncertainty. Cuddle up with your little one(s) and enjoy this story…

How this story came to be…

In early 2023, AI or Artificial intelligence is just starting to really take off. At this moment in time, we are not sure what it’s going to be used for in the future. The possibilities are endless. This New Horizon is so exciting. If this is what we can already do, where will we be in three years, five years? With this type of artificial intelligence, we are left with deciding what is ethically appropriate as far as giving credit where credit is due.

This storybook is my collaboration with AI. I provided the prompts and Chat-GPT filled in the story. The illustrator is also a form of artificial intelligence. I provided the storyboards in the form of photos. Then I put them in a program called Picsart to illustrate them. Without AI, this storybook would have just stayed as an idea.

Before and After using Picsart

Memorable Moments Story Read By Megan

I hope you enjoyed this story!

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