Monthly Baby Photos: 7 Months- Fort Collins Baby Photography

Welcome back to the photo studio Taetym!

Monthly Baby Photos

Taetym recently came back into the studio for her 7-month photos. I absolutely love getting to see her and her mom every month. She was so smiley this time! It’s incredible to see all the little changes and help her mom remember the details before they change.

Themed Baby Photos

Taetym’s mom usually brings in a couple outfits and we pick backgrounds that we think will look good. This month we picked a white background, and she wore two different outfits. The first outfit you see picture is a similar color as the background(monochromatic). I love monochromatic photos! It doesn’t matter if it is for a newborn or a 7-month-old, monochromatic photos bring the focus onto the baby. Right where it should be! For added variety Taetym also wore a super cute pink dress for some of the photos.

Thanks for coming into the photo studio Taetym! I’m so excited to be part of your first year and I can’t wait to see you next month.

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Megan Grove

Hello! I am a newborn photographer living near Fort Collins, Colorado. When I am not photographing newborns, you can find me editing photos, listening to audio books and going on adventures with my 3 boys.

730 N Cleveland Ave Suite 3,
Loveland, CO 80537 USA

(970) 222-1719

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